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don ruder

national staff

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Seattle, WA 

I  began bowling juniors in the Bucks and Does league with my sister Denise, my best friend Mike, and my girlfriend Terri, whom I would later marry.  That team bowled together through juniors and into adult mixed leagues and found a lot of success.         After junior leagues I joined our high school bowling team at Kent Meridian High School.  I tried out and was selected to bowl varsity my first year. I have won the flagship Northwest Eagles Tournament multiple times. I have multiple league and tournament championships. In 2001 while taking night courses at the University of Washington I saw an advertisement that the school was trying to resurrect the defunct bowling program.  I tried out and was fortunate enough to make the team.  We had a lot of fun traveling around to all of the Pac 12 schools (Pac 10 at the time).  I was the oldest bowling in the nation in ACUI competition at the time.  I only lost one game during competition and was consistently ranked in the top ¼ of the bowlers in our conference.  I joined the PBA in the Northwest Region so I could bowl Regional tournaments.  I really enjoyed my time bowling Regionals but found that my PBA membership made it difficult to bowl in amateur tournaments with my friends.  I dropped my membership after 3 seasons so I could more freely bowl amateur tournaments.  The highest ranking I achieved in the Northwest Region was 222nd. I have bowled 3 sanctioned 300 games and am still chasing the elusive 800 series with a 794 personal high.  In addition to my many years of experience.


I have earned my USBC Level 1 coaching certification.  I feel that I can help bowlers at many skill levels improve their game.

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