It started with an idea in 2015. An idea that said there are holes in the bowling industry, holes that we can fill. With the idea came a goal to build a company that we would want to be a part of. We wanted to create a company that would give the everyday bowler a chance to be on staff with a bowling company.

After a year of thoughts and planning for how this goal would be accomplished, we began Key Bowling. We researched for hours on end on what the company should be and what products we wanted to offer to the market.

Now, almost 5 years and a lot of experiences later, we have found our direction. We have talked about and dreamed of K2U Bowling Studio since the beginning and now we have made it a reality for the bowling world. We launched K2U September 2019, bringing you bowling content for the modern generation.


  • Bronson Schalizki

  • Gail Schalizki

Michael Dean

Elisabeth Dean


Don Ruder Action_edited_edited_edited.jp

Don Ruder

Chad Bischof


Key Bowling and K2U Bowling Studio helps bowlers unlock their bowling potential by providing knowledge and entertainment through an online bowling studio site. 

© 2019 by Key Bowling, LLC. 

Camden, NY 

E-mail: k2u@keybowling.com 


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